Google Maps Driving

I am currently the lead designer working on the driving navigation experience. On this page you can see projects of mine that has launched :D

How Might We:
Expand and improve the driving experience, providing value to all types of users on their unfamiliar and familiar trips.

My Role:
Currently the lead UX designer.

Here are projects of mine that have launched! You can try it out today :)

Google Maps in Apple CarPlay

Launched September 18th, 2018!

I was the sole designer that brought the Google Maps experience into Apple's heavily controlled CarPlay environment.

Delightful Navigation Car

Launched May 4th, 2018!

I was the lead UX designer on a large team of Visual, Production, and Motion designers on bringing this delightful feature to our users.

Here's a summary of my experience working on Google Maps navigation:

What I Did

Worked very closely with PM/Eng/UX and Research from end to end on all projects

Designed experiences for millions of people who rely on Google Maps everyday.

What I Learned

Trust, transparency, and clear communication every step of the way is essential to a successful project!

How humbling it feels to be able to touch so many different facets of life for our users.

Here are some more projects of mine